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Effective preparation requires good living & learning environment

The Residential Hostel life is an integral part of the Institute’s academic program. Hostel stay is compulsory for all students admitted to the Institute’s residential program.

The Hostel routine has been structured considering all aspects of the student’s personality. Altogether, Hostel life not only complements and supplements class-room instruction, but proper inputs are given to improve the student’s personality and the development of character as well.

We expect our students to adhere to the rules and regulations of our academy. We do not believe in harsh methods of punishing the students. However, if the student is found to be violating the norms of the hostel, he will be asked to vacate the hostel. A spirit of co-operation is expected in order to maintain a harmonious life in the hostel.

Campus security is provided by well-trained guards, while stand-by generators ensure round-the-clock power supply.

All efforts are made to provide hygienic, comfortable surroundings and proper learning environment for the students. For health care, hostel authorities keep in regular touch with the hospitals nearby. Adequate stocks of emergency medicines are available with the warden.


Air-Conditioned Hostel Features:

• Fully furnished Air conditioned Classrooms and dormitories

• Adequately stocked library monitored by junior lecturers

• In-house wardens and junior lecturers to attend students 24X7

• Projection T.V. for recreation

• Hygienic food served in properly furnished dining hall

• Mineral water for drinking & cooking of food (served using Baine Marie.)

• Clean toilets & bathrooms with adequate hot water supply